CCB statement on the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline ESPOO EIA report and Proposals for requirements to mitigate environmental impact of the gas pipeline

A 1200 km long gas pipeline is planned to be built across the Baltic Sea, from Portovaya bay near Viborg to Greifswalder Bodden along the German coast. The line will transport 55 billion cubic metres of gas per year, which is calculated to cover 25 % of the additional gas demand in EU.

Two separate lines are planned with one compressor or service point (not yet decided) half way, outside Fårö, Sweden. The lines are 1220 mm in diameter and one part is 12 m long. The pipeline will be covered approx. 15-30 % (in the Finnish part, other part of the Baltic?).

The project will cost approx. 5 billion euros.

Partners and countries involved
A company named Nord Stream is responsible for the project. Nord Stream is owned by Gazprom (Russia), BASF AG (Germany) and E.ON AG (Germany). Ramboll A/S Denmark is the consultant company responsible for the international EIA and in Finland their Finnish branch is responsible for the Finnish EIA.

Information on the NE Gas Pipe Line
You can find info about the Baltic Sea Gas Pipe Line in Baltic Sea region languages on the site

You can subscribe on news from the project, Fact-sheets, via

At the WWF Germany website,, you can find comprehensive information on the Pipe Line like e.g. the legal procedures.

Parties of origin (in this case Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany) in Espoo convention has notified the project on the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline.

Finland and Sweden set up a deadline for comments on national level until 26 Januay 2007. Addressed parties were asked to respond to Russia , as notification country, (and Germany?) until 16 Febr 2007. And also to “submit any comments you might receive from the public in your country”

CCB has prepared a paper with comments and request for studies to be included in the Environmental Impact Assessement.

2007-08-21 North Stream has decided to re-route the pipeline to run north – rather than south – of the Danish island Bornholm. Press release

2007-11-23 Public Hearings on the Russian part of the Nord-Stream project – 122 km gas pipeline in the Gulf of Finland

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