The company CSC “Saerimner” trying to establish new large pig-farms in Lithuania and get renewed permit, with help of false information

An IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) permit was renewed on the basis of false information about the distance between the place of the construction and the local housing areas. The company tried to avoid consultation with neighbouring citizens, but a court of appeal stopped the permit.

Such examples show that there is a need for much better control of animal farms in Lithuania. Intensive rearing of animals installations are usually important point sources for harmful nutrient pollution, via overfertilization with manure. Pollution with nitrogen and phosphorus give groundwater pollution and Eutrophication of rivers, lakes and the Baltic Sea.

Eutrophication is a major environmental problem in the Baltic Sea Region, which give algal blooms in summer season.We need nutrient-balanced fertilization practices on farmland, and mandatory nutrient bookkeeping.

Such regulations have already been agreed upon within the Intergovernmental Baltic Sea environmental cooperation- HELCOM- but is not implemented.

Are politicians and decisions-makers in Lithuania ready to set up such requirements?