Polish Illegal Salmon Fishing: Reduced Quota for 2014

Documented illegal salmon fishing occurs in Poland and the European Commission have now decided to reduce their quota for 2014.

As reported by the European Commission on November 29th, 2013, A Commission Regulation providing for a reduction of the annual salmon quota allocated to Poland was issued to recover salmon quota overfished by Polish fishermen in 2012.

The overfishing was established by the Commission in close co-operation with the Polish control authorities. During the last five years Poland significantly improved its fisheries control system, increased its general control capacity and started to remedy remaining gaps in its fisheries legislation.
The overfishing is linked to a problem of misreporting salmon catches as sea trout – a closely related species for which there is no EU annual quota in the Baltic Sea. The different EU countries concerned, including Poland, agreed in recent years to increase salmon fisheries control.

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Commission Regulation providing for deduction from salmon fishing quota allocated to Poland in 2013 and subsequent years in ICES subdivisions 22-31 on account of overfishing.