Seminar “Reducing Nutrient Runoff from Large-Scale Animal Production in the Baltic Sea Region”

On December 6, 2013, in Warsaw, Poland, Coalition Clean Baltic, together with Green Federation Gaja, Baltic Manure and the Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding of the WestPomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, organized the Seminar “Reducing nutrient runoff from large-scale animal production in the Baltic Sea Region”. More than 60 people participated.

Stakeholders from Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Sweden took the floor to present the situation of the large-scale animal production in their country. Some experts presented the impact of such farms on the environment of the Baltic Sea Region. Other stakeholders focused their presentation on manure management and animal fertilizers. The cape between the current practices and the environmental friendly technologies of animal fertilizers available today was highlighted.

The Seminar gave an overview of the large-scale animal farms situation in the Baltic Sea Region. One important conclusion was that stronger regulations and control is needed for big animal farm, to mitigate the eutrophication problem of rivers, lakes and the Baltic Sea environment. Finally, the participants exchanged concrete experiences and brought home some good practices to be shared with the local farmers.