New CCB Report on Industrial Livestock Farming

The CCB project report on Industrial Livestock Farming  – Environmental Protection Context in the Baltic Sea catchment area is now available on-line. The report contain information on overall characteristics of the industrial farm sector in the Baltic Sea Region, an inventory of existing industrial livestock farms (with a size that require permits according to national legislation and IE Directive). The focus is on installations in Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Russia and Ukraine, but information will also include description of the situation in Czech Republic, Finland, Norway and Slovakia. It also include recommendations for important steps needed for a better implementation of existing legislation and regulations.

The authors of this paper explore central questions, looking for possible answers, hoping to make the present report the first such comprehensive study of the issue ever made in the Baltic Sea Region Questions are: What is the scale of intensive livestock industry in the region? What is the current status of the implementation of the agriculture-oriented Annex III to the Helsinki Convention? What are the main problems connected with industrial livestock production in the Baltic Sea catchment area? Are there any methods to prevent negative impact of industrial livestock farming to make it, if not friendly, then perhaps neutral to the natural environment?

Download report here

The present report is built on the foundations established in the CCB Report on industrial swine and cattle farming in the Baltic Sea catchment area published by the Coalition Clean Baltic in 2007.