New facts on harbour porpoise

CCB has made a new brochure containing fresh scientific data on the amount -and location of Baltic harbour porpoises. The situation for the local population of porpoises is critical and measures to further protect them are badly needed. The Marine Strategy Framework Directive is together with the Habitat Directive is the key EU legislation aiming to protect but also improve the status of this endangered species. New data from the SAMBAH project gives all Members States important and reliable facts on where the porpoises are and therefore also where actions should be prioritized. The implementation of the MSFD Program of Measures (PoM) must make use of the data and include measures for porpoise now.

According to the very robust data from the project SAMBAH, we have around 450 porpoises left in the Baltic Sea, and they spread out of large parts of the Baltic Proper. The main area for porpoise reproduction seem to be in Swedish waters, south and south-west of Gotland island. However, clear hot-spots are also found along the coastlines of Germany, Poland and also Latvia! Several of theses areas already have protected areas and these should without further delay also be specifically made into protected areas for harbour porpoise.

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