Youth Declaration on the Protection of the Gulf of Finland

After studying specific features of the Gulf, current problems and possible ways to solve those problems, schoolchildren from Russia, Finland and Estonia developed a declaration that was adopted on 27 July 2014 in Helsinki:

We believe that the Gulf of Finland is exposed to a high human-caused load and that all of us need to join efforts to reduce negative impacts on the environment.


and call upon the youth, politicians, all decision-makers, businessmen, scientists, teachers, public organizations, farmers, fishermen, tourists, mass media and all population of the region to follow our principles and facilitate the implementation of our proposals


  • Individual and collective responsibility for the actions that produce impact on the environment;
  • Think globally, act locally;
  • Treat the nature as if it were your home;
  • Foster careful attitude towards the environment among the youth from all countries.

Below are links to the Youth Declaration in Finish, Russian, Estonian and English.

Youth Declaration (Finish)
Youth Declaration (Russian)
Youth Declaration (Estonian)
Youth Declaration (English)