2017 CCB Annual video contest

A video contest with competition contributions from our member organizations and partners was held during 2017 CCB Annual Conference.

The prize for 2017 CCB video contest was awarded to the Crayfish story by the Green Federation GAJA from Poland.

The content of the videos should have been anything related to CCB’s working areas and projects. One competition contribution per project with maximum length of three minutes per video were invited.

Other nominations included:

  1. Promotion of solar energy, by Finnish Society for Nature & Environment
  2. Promotion of waste recycling – Plastic Free Baltic, by Polish Ecological Club (Eastern Pomeranian branch)
  3. How to decommission a Nuclear Power Plant, by Green World (Russia)
  4. What is Maritime Spatial Planning, by Green World (Russia)
  5. Nuclear Baltic, by Green World (Russia)
  6. Organic School, by Center for Environmental Solutions (Belarus)