New impulse for the CCB work in 2018-2019

The CCB Board Meeting (19-20/04), the Annual Conference (20-21/04) and the General Meeting (22/04) were held in Zelenogradsk (Kaliningrad region), Russia.

The theme of the 2018 Annual Conference was #IamtheBaltic, with focus on personal responsibility and inputs to the protection of the Baltic Sea. Agenda of the event consisted of:

  • Group discussions on the plans of CCB working areas:
    • water protection in agriculture;
    • river basin and wastewater management;
    • fisheries and aquaculture;
    • biodiversity and nature protection;
    • hazardous substances and marine litter;
    • harmful installations and maritime transport, including ‘Nuclear Baltic’ and ‘STOP E40’ campaigns;
    • sustainable development in coastal and marine areas.
  • Joint clean-up activity at the Curonian National Park, and
  • an interactive workshop led by David Kronlid, Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD) of Uppsala University, and Nils Höglund, CCB Secretariat. Following the question: “How do we move the anchor and not only the buoy?”, the aim was to discuss our values and own views of nature in order to better communicate and work on our topics and reach a real sustainable future.

Also the preparations were presented on:

  • Nature Accessible Certificate (NaaC Certificate) for coastal and nature conservation by Latvian Green Movement;
  • Our Common Baltic” summer course.

The General Meeting addressed several important issues, including:

CCB expresses a warm welcome to the new organisations and board members and wishes a strong and successful collaboration for the upcoming years.

These meetings represented once again an important moment for all of us to meet up, share experiences and strengthen our relations. In this regard, CCB is open to accept proposals for the theme of the next Annual Conference, which potentially will be held in Latvia.

Last but not least, a special thanks to all the participants and sincere gratitude to Dmitry Filippenko and his colleagues from “Green Planet” for the excellent organisation of the CCB´s events.