Vacancy: Marine senior policy officer at the Danish Society for Nature Conservation

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation wish to employ a skilled senior policy officer experienced in international marine policy and management

Over the course of the coming three years, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, funded by the VE-LUX Foundation, will be intensifying its focus on the marine environment, both politically and publicly. Po-litically, through active influencing and communication of the marine environmental policy and the role played by the Danish government in EU legislative work, as well as in convention work within HELCOM and OSPAR. Publicly, by communicating knowledge and understanding of the enormous significance of marine ecosystems as habitats for countless numbers of species and of immense importance for the wellbeing and livelihood of humans.

We are therefore looking for two skilled, new colleagues with the aim, ambition, engagement and compe-tence to help us get marine environment and policy higher on the agenda of politicians and civil society alike.

As senior policy officer, you will be part of a project team of 5 people who will develop the project in order to reach out as far as possible, through all available platforms and via all channels to both decision makers and the wider public. The aim is to influence as many and as much as possible in order to improve the ma-rine environment. This project will be your main focus, but you can also get involved in the existing marine work of our department, such as aquaculture, marine planning and raw material extraction, insofar as it benefits the main project.

Your tasks
As senior policy officer, you will be responsible for preparing and participating in relevant international meetings and working groups under EU and regional Conventions. This will happen in close cooperation with our NGO partners in Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB), Seas at Risk (SAR) and European Environmental Bu-reau (EEB), concerning issues of mutual interest with regard to marine environment.

You will work with political lobbying both in Denmark and on the level of EU and regional Conventions You will be cooperating with DN NGO partners from CCB, EEB and SAR in the auspices of EU, HELCOM and OSPAR You will attend relevant working groups in CCB, EEB, SAR, EU, HELCOM and OSPAR You will have extensive contacts to decision makers and officials in Denmark as well as in international fora You will, as a consequence, be doing a fair amount of travelling.

About you
You have a relevant background in natural sciences
You have 5-10 years of experience in international management of marine environment / fisheries issues – preferably in EU or regional Conventions You speak and write English fluently – skills in Nordic languages would be useful as well
You have knowledge of relevant EU regulations, policies and directives related to marine issues
You have experience working with lobbying
You have intuition for the agendas of other stakeholders and you know how to use it
You have insight and preferably experience in the work of a democratic NGO
You are good at cooperating, you work targeted and you ensure progress You can create and maintain an overview You are an environmentally engaged, positive and helpful colleague

About us
In the Danish Society for Nature Conservation – Danmarks Naturfredningsforening – we work for a diverse nature, a healthy environment and a sustainable future. We want a strong brand, to set agendas and to have a marked political influence. You will be part of our Nature and Environment department, along with 25 engaged and skilled colleagues with very diverse backgrounds, reflecting the width of our field of work. Through lobbying and casework on local, regional and national scales, as well as international cooperation, we make a difference and improve both nature and environment.

Information and application
Your work base will be at our office at Masnedøgade 20, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. The position is a 3-year project employment (until 2022).
Extension is a possibility, but not guaranteed.
Work hours are 37 hours weekly with salary and terms according to our house agreement at the Danish Society for Nature Conservation.

Any questions related to the job content should be directed to Henning Mørk Jørgensen / +45 3119 3235 or Therese Nissen / +45 3119 3231. Questions related to salary and terms, to the head of department, Morten Pedersen / +45 3119 3217.

Please send your application including CV to Therese Nissen (, no later than April 12, at 12.00.
Job interviews are anticipated in week 17.