Extinction risks to whales, dolphins and porpoises – over 350 scientists warn in an open letter

On Friday 9 October 2020, an open letter from more than 350 cetacean scientists highlighting the real and imminent extinction risk to whales, dolphins and porpoises has been published. One of the populations under threat is the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise.

In this letter, scientists from all over the world highlighted that “of the 90 living species of cetaceans, more than half now have a concerning conservation status according to the IUCN, with 13 species listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ or ‘Endangered’, 7 as ‘Vulnerable’ and 7 as ‘Near Threatened’, whilst 24 species are ‘Data Deficient’.”

The cetaceans experts are asking for actions. The situation is urgent and it’s known that cetacean populations can be lost very quickly.
That’s why they call on:

  • countries with cetaceans in their waters to take precautionary action to ensure these species and populations are adequately protected from human activities.
  • all nations to both work with and strengthen the relevant international bodies that seek to address threats to cetaceans.

Ida Carlén, CCB Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Officer and harbour porpoise expert has been interviewed by the Swedish television program TV4 Nyheterna about the open letter, which she signed, and the status of the critically endangered Baltic porpoise population.

“Work is being done to take measures to save the Baltic porpoise, but we need to move faster.”

affirmed Ida Carlén.

You can read the full letter here: https://bit.ly/3lvAjp8
To watch the interview with Ida Carlén (in Swedish): https://bit.ly/34OH9zf

Please bring this statement to the attention of the relevant policy makers
in your country to help in the protection of these cetaceans.