Online exhibition Live in / Leaving

Live In / Leaving is an online and on-going exhibition starting from October 12, 2020. It’s organised by CCB in collaboration with artists and environmental activists from different countries.

This exhibition is implemented under the project: “Plastic Free Ocean“. The project activities is supporting implementation of the EU Plastics Strategy and the idea is to address the growing pollution of the Baltic Sea (and through it – the world ocean) by single-use plastic items, primary and secondary microplastics, and associated toxic chemicals.

What is the world we live in and the one we are leaving behind?
We have asked ourselves that question not only to raise awareness of plastic pollution today but also to reflect on our own ways of living in and within the plastic world. We invited artists and environmental activists from several countries to discuss the problem of plastic consumption and provide its broader understanding through a multidisciplinary approach.

The Project consists of different parts:
Talk – is a video conversation between artists and environmental professionals held in a local context of a different country. We chose the most urgent “plastic issue” to discuss it in a dialog between two different strategies: artistic and ecological. As a result you can find a list of video conversation from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
Art – represents the works created by contemporary artists from different countries raising the problem of plastic pollution and the state of the environment.
Workshops – proposes to our audience to change traditional ways of spending free time using plastic to a more ecological one. 3 different workshops will tell about alternative styles of free-time activities: from building wooden castles to creating eco-clothing.

The specific strategy of Live in / Leaving online exhibition is its on-going activity. It means that from October 12, 2020 you will find the first materials of the exhibition but every week a new one will be added and updated.

Stay online and safe with us .
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The online event is supported by The Swedish Postcode Foundation.

Sophia Sadovskaya
Anna Karpenko

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