HAZBREF Stakeholder Conference

The final conference has been arranged as a webinar on 4 of June 2020 starting at 09:45 CET and closing at 16:15. 

The webinar Agenda has been updated on the 28.5.2020: HAZBREF Webinar Final Agenda (pdf)

The first part of the event focused on presenting results from HAZBREF activities concerning the following topics:

  • Approaches to identify relevant substances for BREF reviews
  • Proposal for a more systematic method to address hazardous
  • Substances in the BREF-process,
  • Recommendations for the management of chemicals in HAZBREF case sectors: Textile industry (TXT), Surface Treatment of Metals and Plastics (STM) and Chemical industry (LVIC concerning fertilisers and POL concerning Polymers production)
  • Promoting non-toxic material cycles in the BREF process

We also heard presentations from HAZBREF stakeholders on how the project’s results can be implemented in practice and how chemical management aspects can be improved in BREFs.

In the second part of the event we also focused on the Implications of the Zero Pollution Ambition of the European Green Deal for the Industrial Emission Directive (IED) and how the BREF process can contribute to the goals of the European Green Deal. Download the agenda here.

The intention was to keep this online event as interactive as possible and to facilitate a discussion to exchange views and experiences among HAZBREF stakeholders. This event had allowed participants to ask questions during the presentations via a chat function and they also had the possibility to contribute verbally to the discussions.

More information on the webinar software and webinar house rules has been provided for those who registered to the event. In case you have questions please contact Project Manager Kaj Forsius (kaj.forsius(a)ymparisto.fi).

>> For more information about the event, presentations and to read the report from the conference.