The Second Meeting of the HELCOM FISH Correspondence Group was held in Berlin, Germany, at the premises of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, on 7-8 November 2018.

The task of the group is to draft document on BAT/BEP descriptions for sustainable aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region (CG AQUACULTURE 2-2018) as asked for and decided by the HELCOM ministers and the Recommendation 37/3. Such BAT/BEP description is needed to be able to substitute the old HELCOM recommendation to limit potential impacts of aquaculture (25/4).

The progress has been slow and CCB has tried to further  the discussions, as well as volunteering to lead the group. The main outcome of this meeting in Berlin was concluding several lead countries for different topics to cover such as nutrients, control etc. CCB participated with two representatives at the meeting.