Seminar on Best Available Techniques to reduce impacts of Industrial Animal Farming (IAF) within Daugava/Western Dvina river basin

Seminar on Industrial Animal Farming was held on December 17 2015 in Vitebsk Committee for Agricultural Production and Food. 79 people participated in the Seminar. Among them were heads of Industrial Animal Farms of Vitebsk region (cattle, pork and poultry units), representatives of scientific institutions from Belarus and Russia, CCB partners from Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian non-governmental organisations, representatives of local authorities, Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk regional Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and NEFCO representatives. Representatives of the Mass media sector were presented by journalists from 1st channel of Belarusian Radio, republican newspapers “Zvezda” and “Selskaya Gazeta”, regional newspaper “Vitebskie vesti”, and interested representatives of  the NGO «Green network» (“Zelenaya Set”).

The report of the event with links to presentations can be downloaded here (as a part of CCB IAF campaign report).