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Baltic Talks

In our live streaming on CCB Facebook and Instagram pages we talk about relevant topics and issues of the Baltic Sea Region.

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 Priority Working Areas

  • Water Protection in Agriculture

    The Baltic Sea is heavily affected by eutrophication resulting from excess nutrient loads for many years. About 50% of all nutrients stem from agriculture in the Baltic sea catchment area. CCB works actively within HELCOM working groups and Heads of Delegation meetings to uphold the agreed goals and....

  • River Basin and Wastewater Management

    Most of the water quality problems in the Baltic Sea originate upstream from the thousands of water ways in the catchment area. Some 25% of the nutrient load in the Baltic Sea comes from waste water and upstream sources of pollution....

  • Fisheries and Aquaculture

    Fisheries in the Baltic Sea have a large impact of that status of the sea environment beyond just status of the fish stocks. A sea and marine ecosystem in balance needs a thriving marine life and fish play a key role in the ecosystem. The Baltic cod is very....

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Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay! 🌎🌺🌲🐾🐬🐝 This year's theme is #biodiversity. Recent events demonstrate the interdependence of humans and the webs of life in which they exist.
Nature is sending us a message. To care for ourselves we must care #ForNature.

Share the message and read more on our work for the protection of the #BalticSea environment: (link in bio). #WeAreTheBaltic #ourplanet #naturelovers #instagood #picoftheday #environment #endoverfishing #savethebalticporpoise #savethebalticsea

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The CCB summer course "Our Common Baltic" is a fantastic way for engaged volunteers to get involved, to learn more about the problems and solutions for the Baltic sea catchment and to meet and learn from each others experiences and specific issues in the respective country and local situation.⠀

Due to the current circumstances with travel and COVID-19, OCB will be held online this year, with no travel necessary. We are creating a dynamic program to meet this challenge, with excellent presentations and activities to connect you with your Baltic Sea home and neighbours in the program.⠀

Our program limit is 25 participants, and we will begin by considering one person from each member and partner organization, but we could bring more in if we do not fill by our registration deadline, 12 June.⠀

Read the agenda and register on our website (link in bio!).⠀

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Happy #BiodiversityDay 2020! 🐬🐝🐟🌿🐦⠀

On this day, we call once again on all the Baltic Sea Area countries to:⠀

🔹 Lead on the protection and conservation of the marine ecosystems on which livelihoods and all marine sectors ultimately depend,⠀
🔹 Urge all actors to intensify efforts to safeguard marine biodiversity and recovery of the Baltic Sea and,⠀
🔹 Invite and engage civil society, stakeholders and rights-holders to work together towards a healthy and sustainably used Baltic Sea.⠀

Read our "Baltic Shadow Plan" - NGO's key asks for the revised Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) 👉⠀

#WeAreTheBaltic #BSAPUpdate #BalticSea #biodiversity #marinelife #naturelovers #ourplanet #HELCOM #EU #ecosystem #plasticpollution #bycatch #SaveTheBalticPorpoise #RaddaTumlaren #Östersjön #instagood #picoftheday

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Today it´s #WorldBeesDay 🐝⠀
Unfortunately, hot temperatures linked to #climatechange are threatening also bee populations, fundamental for the survival of our ecosystems.⠀

Did you miss our #webinar on climate change and the Baltic Sea region?⠀
On our YouTube channel you can watch the recording 📲⠀

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