The CCB Board consists of a Chairman, two Vice Chairmen and ten Board Members from the member organizations. Each represented country has one seat on the board and for each Board Member there is also one Board Alternate.

The Chairman is elected in addition to the other Board Members and does not represent any country. The Board Members and the Chairman are elected at the CCB Biannual Meeting.

The CCB Board, April 2018 – May 2020

CCB Chairman

Jakub Skorupski, Green Federation GAJA, Poland, jakub(at)

CCB Vice Chairmen

Irina Sukhy, Ecohome

Janis Matulis, Latvian Green Movement

CCB Board Members
  • Belarus:  Irina Sukhy, Ecohome, suhisha(at)
  • Denmark: Henning Mørk Jørgensen, Danish Society for Nature Conservation, hmj(at)
  • Estonia: Maret Merisaar, Estonian Green Movement, maret.merisaar(at)
  • Finland: Jussi Laaksonlaita, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, jussi.laaksonlaita(at)
  • Germany: Bettina Taylor, BUND, bettina.taylor(at)
  • Latvia: Janis Matulis, Latvian Green Movement, janis.matulis(at)
  • Lithuania: Edmundas Greimas, Lithuanian Fund for Nature, edmundas.g(at)
  • Poland: Maria Weber, Polish Ecological Club Gdansk,
  • Russia: Ekaterina Uspenskaja, Friends of the Baltic, kipregel(at)
  • Sweden: Anders Alm, WWF Sweden, anders.alm(at) 
  • Ukraine: Petro Hrytsyshyn, World Laboratory, p.hrytsyshyn(at)
CCB Board Alternates
  • Belarus: Yulia Yablonskaya, IPO Ecopartner, yy(at)
  • Denmark: Thyge Nygaard, Danish Society for Nature Conservation, tny(at)
  • Estonia: Anna Trei, Estonian Green Movement, anna(at)
  • Finland: Antti Halkka, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, antti.halkka(at)
  • Germany: Susanna Knotz, BUND, schatzkueste(a)
  • Latvia: Arturs Undrests, Latvian Green Movement, arturs.undrests(at)
  • Lithuania: Robertas Staponkus, Lithuanian Fund for Nature, robertas.s(at)
  • Poland: Przemyslaw Smietana, Green Federation “GAJA”, leptosp(at)
  • Russia: Dmitry Filippenko, Green Planet, dmiphi(at)
  • Sweden: Vacant
  • Ukraine: Adrian Hrytsyshyn, World Laboratory, networld(at)