BBNP Publications

Ecosystem based approach and public participation in Maritime Spatial Planning

  1. Interim Report “Development of baseline information for stakeholders on marine spatial planning for the Russian part of the Curonian Lagoon and the it estuarine areas”
  2. Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea
  3. Review report “The process of marine spatial planning (MSP) in the world, the Baltic sea region and Russia”

Ecosystem-based approach and public participation in River Basin Management

  1. Overview report: Ecosystem management in the Neman river basin
  2. Proposals on public monitoring
  3. Action guide for conducting public environmental monitoring
  4. Review of Neman River Basin management plans, schemes and projects in Russia, Lithuania, Poland and the Republic of Belarus
  5. Analysis of the flood protection measures in the Neman river basin

General awareness

  1. Climate change. What can regions do?
  2. Together we act to save the Baltic Sea

Programme Meetings

Partners’ meeting in Kaliningrad, 23.08.2017 (presentations)

  1. Ecocenter, Youth for Clean Rivers
  2. Baltic Institute of the Ecology of Hydrosphere, Compiling background information for Maritime Spatial Planning
  3. Institute of Oceanology, Analysis of Flood Risk measures in the Neman catchment
  4. Nature Heritage, Environmental youth education along the coast of Curonian Lagoon
  5. Yulia Aldushina, Analysis of river basin management plans and approaches of Lithuania, Poland, Belarus and Russia, Proposals for public monitoring
  6. Baltic Clean Technologies, Open Air Baltic Sea Museum (examples of infographics 1, 2)