The programme “Building Capacity and Involvement of Civil Society in Environmental and Natural Resources Management in North West Russia and the Barents Sea” was developed through a consultative and participatory process between Coalition Clean Baltic, WWF Russia and WWF Sweden and in cooperation with WWF’s Baltic Ecoregion Programme (BEP). It was implemented in the Russian part of the Baltic Sea Region and the Barents Region where the competition over natural resources is increasing and the resource base is at risk.

The BBNPP Programme facilitated the development and capacity building of the partners’ organisations involved in its implementation,
improved cooperation and communication between the actors in the region, developed new and boosted existing expertise, and enhanced
the interaction of different stakeholders in Baltic Sea region. Over a three-year period, awareness and knowledge of local people and civil society actors about several environmental and nature protection issues have been enhanced; ecosystem-based approaches have been incorporated in the Luga and Neman river basin management, and programme participants became familiar with and implemented components of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and sustainable coastal management.

Based on the Programme partners´ contribution, their annual reports, the monitoring and evaluation assessment of the project activities, a final report has been developed and it presents the final results of more than three years’ work on the Programme.

Final Report on the Baltic component of BBNPP Programme (Pdf, 2020)
Summary Final Report on the Baltic component of BBNPP Programme (Pdf, 2020)

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BBNP / Activities


Mikhail Durkin
Project Director

Maria Basova
Project Manager

Dmitry Filippenko
Project Coordinator, Kaliningrad region

Ekaterina Vorobjeva
Project Coordinator, Leningrad region and St. Petersburg


Biologists for nature conservation

Non-commercial partnership “Institute of spatial planning, development and external relations”

Kaliningrad regional public institution “Scientific-educational eco-tourist center “Natural Heritage”

Public Council of the Southern Coast of the Gulf of Finland

Kaliningrad regional youth ecological organization “Green Planet”

Baltic Institute for Ecology of Hydrosphere (BIEH) Ltd

Kaliningrad Technical University (individual expert)

Kaliningrad regional children-youth center for environment, local history and tourism (Eco-Center)

Institute of the Baltic Sea Ltd

Kaliningrad charity fund preservation and development of the National Park “Curonian Spit”

Friends of the Baltic


Atlantic Branch of the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (individual expert)


BRT Available Environment

Center for social end educational projects development “AURA”