Promotion of sustainable river basin management in Belarus

CCB works with ten partner organisations in Belarus to implement the project NGO Water Strategies in Belarus and Strengthening of the Civil Society. The project aims to promote sustainable water managementpolicies and practices in Belarus that contribute to good surface and ground water quality, preserved biodiversity and a better quality of life for the people.

CCB project partners have set up a joint NGO working group on water legislation and problems. One of the priorities for the project has been to engage with public authorities and legislators and to ensure public involvement in the development of a new Water Code for Belarus. Representatives of the project partners are part of the working group at the Ministry of Environment that is working on the proposal, and take active part in the negotiations, and by early 2014 they could report that a fair share of their comments and proposals had been incorporated in a new edition of the proposed Code. For the moment the second edition of the Water Code is under approval at the. The Water code is due to be presented for adoption later in 2014.

In parallel with this and other work at the policy level, the project mobilises volunteers and the public in monitoring the status of rivers and other water bodies, identify pollution hot spots, report harmful activities and implement practical measures to improve the management of rivers and their watersheds. These include the creation of caretakers’ networks for important wetland areas, and the protection and improvement of migration routes and spawning grounds for salmonid fish populations.

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