Protection of the naturally spawning Baltic salmon in Belarus

CCB works with ten partner organisations in Belarus to implement the project NGO Water Strategies in Belarus and Strengthening of the Civil Society. The project aims to promote sustainable water managementpolicies and practices in Belarus that contribute to good surface and ground water quality, preserved biodiversity and a better quality of life for the people.

One of the priority areas for the project is the protection of salmonid fish populations in the rivers and streams of Belarus. Three of the major rivers in Belarus are part of the Baltic Sea watershed: the Neman and Viliya rivers in Belarus, which merge to form the Neris river that runs through Lithuania, and the Dzvina/Daugava river that flows across the northern part of Belarus and meets the Baltic Sea at the Latvian capital city of Riga.

A project for restoring wild salmon habitats in the Viliya river has been implemented in   since 2006 as a part of CCB’s initiative for protecting the Baltic salmon. Detailed ecological and morphological surveys and assessments have been carried out in seven tributaries to the Viliya. Monitoring of the waters is organised in collaboration with specialists from Belarus and Lithuania, and volunteer river patrols protect the fish in four tributaries from poachers. Some physical work has also been initiated to facilitate the migration of salmons along the waterways.

CCB project partners are also active in the protection of other salmonid fish species and their habitats in several rivers, and a Salmonids educational centre is about to be constructed by the Viliya river.

More information on the project can be found here.