We would like to introduce you to the #IamTheBaltic campaign, calling on people to protect the Baltic we are sharing!

10 year have passed since the Baltic Sea Action Plan was adopted by HELCOM. Progress of the Baltic to reach Good Environmental Status is slow and very far from the initial ambitions!

Let’s make the policy be accountable and hear our voices!

More detailed information you can find bellow
  • Think about what would you like to tell or show us

  • Record one minute video

    Don’t forget to say “I am the Baltic” in the beginning of your video, both in English and your native language!

  • Send it to us!

    Use a cloud storage or send it to our email!

It is a chance to take actions to preserve the environment. The video storytelling is intended to give power to diverse voices and concerns.

Record a short video, say “I’m the Baltic” in English and your national language. Then explain what the Baltic means for you. You can record a video alone or together with your friends!

Anyone who would like to share their feelings towards the Baltic.

The video should be one minute long, the video quality is not important, keep it lively.

We will post your individual video messages on CCB’s communication and social media channels and will make a compiled video message, consisting of inputs from each country.

The compiled video message will be shown to environmental ministers of the Baltic Sea countries, EU officials and at other high-level events.

#IamTheBaltic campaign is already linked to our projects. By showing the personal level, it will highlight  the diversity of  the Baltic. It is also going to be a valuable part of other CCB’s communication campaigns. This is a tool for showing that we care about the Baltic.

Choose one of the following options:

Upload it to your dropbox and share a link with us
Upload it to your Doogle Drive and share it with us
Сloud storage
You can use any other cloud storage to send us a link (with the access to download your video). You can also try to send your video directly to CCB Secretariat (secretariat@ccb.se).

Then you can share it with us using following services:

Write us a message with a video link on CCB Facebook page
Send it to CCB Secretariat (secretariat@ccb.se)

Please share it within your network of contacts – we need as many supporters of this action as possible.


Together our voice is stronger!

Watch the campaign´s videos on our YouTube channel