10 questions and answers about the conflict between commercial fisheries and marine animals


In this brief note you will find ten questions and answers about the conflict between industrial fisheries and marine animals with an emphasis on seabirds and marine mammals.

  1. What is the conflict between commercial fisheries and marine animals?
  2. What fishing gear is dangerous for seabirds and marine mammals?
  3. Are the by-catch of seabirds and marine mammals causing direct economic damage to the fishery or is it only an environmental problem?
  4. What kind of Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADD) exist?
  5. Are ADD effective for deterrenting marine mammals?
  6. Is it ethical and safe to use ADD?
  7. What other methods of containment marine mammals from fishing gear exist?
  8. Would the knowledge about seals’ natural behavior, life cycle and habitats help us to manage the conflict situation with commercial fishing?
  9. Are there ways to reduce the bycatch of seabirds in seine fishing?
  10. Are there political and economic instruments to mitigate the impact of commercial fishing on marine animals?

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