Climate change. Consequences and risks for the Baltic region and adaptation possibilities.


The brochure gives an idea of the consequences of climate change and impacts on water resources, trends in the Baltic region and specific risks connected with water ecosystems.

The environmental impacts on ecosystems, intensified by climate change are:

  • deterioration of water quality,
  • increased eutrophication,
  • decline in biodiversity,
  • damage of sea shores and erosion of river banks.

The successful development of adaptation measures should be based on integrated management of the basin’s water resources using the ecosystem and basin approaches. There also listed the key documents for the development of adaptation actions.

It is necessary to develop regional and local climate adaptation strategies and plans involving all stakeholders – representatives of government, regional and local authorities, specialists, as well as public organizations and general public.

Climate adaptation measures could be divided in the following groups:

  • preparatory measures and prevention,
  • measures to increase sustainability and retaliatory measures,
  • restorative measures.

The brochure provides an example of what steps should be included in the adaptation plan, gives conditions and recommendations for effective adaptation and explains the role of public participation for achieving better results.

BBNP, River Basin and Wastewater Management, Sustainable Development, Sustainable development in coastal and marine areas