Constructed wetlands a concrete way to remove micro plastics


In this report, field test with a relatively simple water pump and filter setup with following microscope analysis of the filters show that there are significant amounts of microplastic particles in water both from outflowing water from waste water treatment plants (WWTP) and from stormwater. Normally, a WWTP does not filter and clean outflowing waters sufficiently. CCB has had tests done in constructed wetlands, designed as tertiary treatment from WWTP and/or as stormwater recipients to conclude if the wetlands have a removal effect on these particles.

The results indicate that wetlands can significantly reduce microplastic particles in outflowing waters, regardless of initial amounts and main purpose of the wetland, be it for mainly stormwater or final treatment from waste water treatment. The results are encouraging as we already know since many years that wetlands have a strong and positive effect on removal of nutrients.

Hazardous substances and marine litter