Final Report on the Baltic component of BBNPP Programme


This final report is the product of a joint effort of the management team of the BBNPP Programme’s Baltic component, which includes the Programme manager and Programme assistants in two regions under supervision of the Programme director. The report is based on the Programme partners’ contribution, their annual reports, the monitoring and evaluation assessment of the project
activities and includes observation and analysis completed during the joint events. The report presents the final results of more than three years’ work on the Programme, which are summarized

The analytical part of the report is aimed at assessing the organizational capacity of the Programme partners, as well as the partners change over time and interaction between partners and target
groups during implementation of the Programme activities. The achievements were also analysed by thematic goals on each of the outcomes.
The evaluation of the acquired skills and expertise of both the partners’ organisations and of individual experts, developed in the course of the Programme, could be considered a positive impact of the BBNPP Programme.

The results of the evaluation and the Programme and its achievements were collected in collaboration with partners, as well as other Programme participants and beneficiaries, based on the
adopted participatory monitoring approach. The Programme partners were not only the object of evaluation, but they perform some assessments by themselves and played the active role in collection of the information. The Swedish Organization responsible for the Baltic component, Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB), acted as coordinator, supervisor and quality controller, and was also
responsible for communication about the terms of cooperation and compliance with the donor. While the process of writing the report was led by a Swedish organization, but the contribution of
all partners accounted for most of the reporting material. The information was collected during visits, personal meetings, joint events, interviews and monitoring assessments.

BBNP, River Basin and Wastewater Management