Guideline “How municipalities can reduce the use of single-use-plastics on a local level”


This Guidebook forms part of the Plastic Free Ocean project’s outcomes and offers a total of 35 options of action including 65 best-practice examples on 11 topics for municipalities and other local actors on how to reduce the use of single-use plastic, which could therefore reduce the pollution of the Baltic Sea.

Each chapter focuses on a specific litter item commonly found on the beaches of the Baltic Sea or bearing a great threat to end up in the rivers and later on in the ocean. Every chapter offers a short introduction into the issue and a few facts, giving an overview on the extent of littering. The second part of each chapter summarizes the fields of action shortly describing the options of action to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Finally, the most interesting part consists of a collection of best practice examples on successful local projects, campaigns and strategies on reducing the use of single use plastic and thereby the amount of waste. These examples have not only been implemented by the local municipalities but could be adopted by them and therefore inspire all local actors.

Biodiversity and nature conservation, Hazardous substances and marine litter, River Basin and Wastewater Management