Content report on Interactive business game «Maritime Spatial Planning. If I were a decision-maker!»


Managing marine resources and maritime spatial planning entails a complex system of governance that involves a variety of stakeholders in both national and transnational level. Water resources, particularly the Baltic Sea and its basins, require concerted actions to ensure the good ecological status of the marine ecosystems, as well as prosperity of the coastal regions through a sustainable management of resources. The MSP Games engage participants in a role game, which will enable them to explore this multi-faceted system of governance, and to identify solutions to conflicts of interest among stakeholder groups and nature conservation.

Interactive business game «Maritime spatial planning. If i were a decision-maker!» (MSP Game) was developed and conducted by the Institute of maritime spatial planning Ermak NorthWest, St-Petersburg as a part of the PA «Ecosystem based approach is understood by civil society and applied in MSP processes in dialogue with other key stakeholders» with its main goals:

  • Civil society is active and capable stakeholder in MSP processes and Ecosystem based approach integration in MSP is recognized by relevant stakeholders;
  • Implementation of EBM integration in MSP activities has started.

Stakeholders engaging with the MSP Game gain a better understanding of how to apply MSP in practice, and understand the importance of transnational cooperation and ecosystem approach to achieve the common objective of saving the sea and increasing prosperity. The MSP Game therefore also contributes to the common objectives defined in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and to the implementation of the Baltic 2030 Action Plan, by engaging stakeholders in a creative capacity building exercise of systemic thinking and problem solving based on realistic scenarios.

BBNP, Biodiversity and nature conservation, Harmful installations and maritime transport, Sustainable Development, Sustainable development in coastal and marine areas