The analisis of the impact of agri-environmental measures on water pollution by biogens


The report on the study “The analisis of the impact of agri-environmental measures on water pollution by biogens”

The goal of the study is to determine the impact of implementation of agri-environmental measures and organic methods in agriculture by farmers on changes in nutrient’s concentrations in Słupia and Warężanka Rivers.

In this study were consider following programs: Package 1. Sustainable farming, Package 2. Organic farming, Package 8. Soil and water protection, and payments for agri-environmental-climate measures (RDP 2007–2013 and 2014–2020): Package 1. Sustainable agriculture, Package 2. Protection of soils and waters, and payments for ecological farming (RDP 2014–2020).

The results of the studies of the Słupia and Warężanka Rivers showed that the waters are not threatened by the eutrophication. The condition of the rivers was described as good and very good in terms of nutrient content. Within 10 years, slight changes in concentrations of biogenic compounds have been observed. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the impact of subsidies for farmers under RDP 2007–2013 and RDP 2014–2020 on the content of nutrients in waters. However,
it can be stated that despite the growing intensification of agriculture, the condition of the waters did not deteriorate, so agri-environmental programs could partly contribute to this.

River Basin and Wastewater Management, Sustainable Development, Water protection in Agriculture