BBNP Programme Annual Meeting

Baltic and Barents environmental activists gathered in Murmansk to exchange experience on River Basin Management

At the 24th and 25th of May at Murmansk was organised the Annual meeting of Barents Baltic People and Nature Programme, were the Programme partners from two regions met each other, get acquainted with achievements, planes and discussed the joint opportunities and possible regional and inter-regional cooperation within Outcome 1 – Ecosystem based management (EBM).

During the introductory part of the meeting the participants shared their expectations and have opportunity to have a short open dialog with each other.

The Management Team presented the core objectives of the Programme by the regional principle.

Oleg Sutkaitis, Director of the Barents Ofiice of the WWF Russia presented the Barents Component of the Programme.

Dmitry Filippenko, the Coordinator of the Programme partners in Kaliningrad region presented his Component.

Eduard Podgayski, the Coordinator of the Programme partners in Leningrad region made presentation about his region.

The group work of the partners in the areas of their activities was resulted in the matrix.

Dmitry Ryabov presented communication within the BBNP Programme and introduced general communication recommendations and tips.

The participants took active part in the assessment on gender and social diversity. Interaction of social aspects and environmental work created a great discussion the second day. The result of the Gender and Social diversity assessment.

For practical work with issues of social diversity in nature conservation work, partners were given a Gender memo.

Here could be found he Agenda of the meeting and the list of participants.




The full photo gallery from the event is here.