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Given the implications of Coronavirus outbreak for all countries including restrictions on travel and safety of all participants as our primary concern, the CCB Board decided to postpone the CCB 30th Anniversary Annual in 2021. More detailed practical information will be provided in due time.

Please note that CCB will arrange an online event on Climate Adaptation and Mitigation at the same date as originally planned, 15 May 2020, via Zoom. Further details on the event are available on the specific event page.

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The conference language will be in English.

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More info will be available soon

Side Events organized by CCB´s Member Organizations linked to the Anniversary

POLAND – Side events organized by CCB MOs West Pomeranian Nature Society
(Photo credit: Joanna Stańczak)

  • 10th Congress of Pomeranian Ornithologist (January 2020), Łukęcin, Kamień Pomorski

More than 80 participants attended the event, which included slide shows from tours, multimedia presentations, trip to the sea and bird watching, plus ornithological handicraft stands, photo exhibition, CCB stand (gadgets, lefleats, information) and presentation about CCB (in Polish) made by Jakub Skorupski and Joanna Stańczak.

  • Photo Exhibition on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of West Pomeranian Nature Society (March 2020)

More than 5o participants attended the event, which included ceremonial opening of the photo exhibition, CCB stand ( gadgets, lefleats, information) and presentation about CCB (in Polish) made by Jakub Skorupski and Joanna Stańczak.

LATVIA – Side event organized by CCB MOs Latvian Green Movement
(Photo credit: LaGM)

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, LaGM decided to arrange the side event for the CCB 30th Anniversary in two parts: one joint work to put up and renovate info signs on the illegal paths and roads in dunes and one meeting seminar to discuss future projects within CCB.

  • 1. Signs’ setting up and closing illegal dune roads (30 June) at Valgalciems – Upesgriva:

More than 20 LaGM members actively worked to close the illegal dune roads by renovating the old signs and setting up 24 new ones, with information about the dune’s protection.
Article about the event (in Latvian) from LaGM website.

  • 2. Informative seminar (10-11 July 2020) at Uguni lake:

21 participant were actively involved in planning and brain-storming on the Baltic Sea protection topics. New project ideas within CCB were discussed, such as coastal protection, permaculture and alternative-organic farming. Moreover, to inform about the political updates and the Ministry’s initiatives on the Baltic Sea policies, Ms Alda Ozola, the Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and  Regional Development was invited at the seminar.
Article about the event (in Latvian) from LaGM website

GERMANY – Side event organized by CCB MOs BUND – Friends of the Earth Germany

The Ocean Summit is a four-day event all about the protection of the seas, which was supposed to take place in Kiel for the first time from August 20 to 23, 2020 and thereafter every year. The content ranges from the importance of the ocean for all life on this planet and the global ocean crisis to our responsibility in Schleswig-Holstein for the North and Baltic Seas as the “land between the seas”. In order to emphasize this local responsibility, the topic of the first summit was “Acting for the North and Baltic Seas”. The aim of the event is to raise awareness, impart knowledge as well as becoming active and showing options for action in the field of marine protection and marine research.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, BUND changed the format: more events (digital, live and hybrid) were organized from the beginning of June to give the opportunity to pursue the interest in marine protection to as many people as possible.

  • Ocean Summit: 27 events from June till December 2020 with more than 1100 participants.

Website: www.ocean-summit.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OceanSummitKiel/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ocean_summit/

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