There are two types of membership that can be applied for within CCB – as a full member or as an observer. The difference of the two types is that as an observer your organisation, formally, has no right to vote at the CCB biennial meeting. However, all decisions within CCB are taken with consensus.

Your application is in a first round processed by the CCB board. To make a proper decision the Board needs some additional information from you. To make the decision process easier we ask of you to gather all the information listed below in an easily overviewed document.

This is what we need:

  1. Description of if and how the organisations fulfil requirements of a democratic organization.
    • Processes for selection of board and chairman.
    • Describe the roles and responsibilities within the organisation.
    • Describe financial management and bookkeeping system.
    • Describe the independent auditing of the elected board – that is, the control process of the financial management and annual financial reports.
  2. A copy of your constitution (in English)
  3. Copies of the most recent annual report, including description of the number of members (in English).
  4. A copy of the registration paper for your organisation (in English).

We would also like you to describe how you view your role in CCB, what activities of yours could be connected to CCB activities and how the mission of your organization fits into the mission of CCB.

Criterias to be fulfilled:

  • The applicant should be a non-profit-making environmental non-governmental organisation in the Baltic Sea Region;
  • The applicant mission and aims are compatible and aligned with those of CCB;
  • The applicant shall be registered in at least one country of the Baltic Sea catchment area, and established for environmental protection purposes, and independent from political parties;
  • The applicant shall support, promote and affirm in their activities the principles of democracy, financial transparency, human rights and equality.

If you are interested, please read and download the full guide, with Annexes and a form to fill out. You can send your application to: