55th Meeting of the HELCOM Heads of Delegation (HOD 55- 2018)

The Meeting will start on Tuesday, 4 December at 9.00 o’clock and will terminate on Wednesday, 5 December by 15.00 o’clock.

The Delegations are requested to note that according to Rule 6 of the Rules of Procedure of the Helsinki Commission basic documents and documents requiring action or a decision by the Meeting should be submitted in electronic form to the Secretariat (riina.kero@helcom.fi) by 12 November 2018. Bulky documents should include abstracts embodying the essence of the proposals and action requested from the Meeting. Documents containing comments to the basic documents as well as information documents should be provided to the Secretariat by 27 November 2018.

Participants are kindly requested to sign in and register to the Meeting by answering the Participation Survey not later than 27 November 2018.

The provisional agenda and related documents are available here.