5th International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas

The 5th International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas – “Celebrating A Decade of IMMPA” was held at The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino, Messinia Greece on April 8-12th 2019.

Main sessions that were featured in conference agenda include:

  1. Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs): Transiting from Science to Management
  2. Vaquitas: Assessing conservation and Rescue efforts
  3. Marine mammal movement: towards a greater appreciation of movement within Marine Mammal Protected Area Networks and Place-based Conservation Planning
  4. The ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative (ASI): lessons learnt and future plans
  5. Mitigating the impact of shipping on cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea: Opening the dialog in search of feasible solutions
  6. Conflict resolution in coastal Marine Mammal Protected Areas: focus on interactions between MM and small-scale fisheries
  7. Incorporating marine mammal conservation needs in MPA management plans
  8. The Inspiring Story of the Monk Seal (n. 2) – a critical assessment for the future
  9. Improve enforcement and compliance within Marine Mammal Protected Areas with new technologies
  10. Co-Management: Improving the governance and management effectiveness of MMPAs by empowering and actively involving stakeholders
  11. Linking regional MPA managers’ networks to strengthen marine mammal conservation
  12. Beaked whale strandings: effect of underwater noise to marine mammals and the role of Marine Protected Areas
  13. Story Maps: new ways to promote the engagement of IMMAs with the marine conservation community
  14. Oil and gas exploration in key marine mammal habitats: key emerging challenges
  15. Incorporating marine mammal conservation in Marine Spatial Planning efforts in Europe
  16. The identification of new ACCOBAMS Critical Cetacean Habitats: a threat-based management approach
  17. MMPAs in the Polar Regions:  Habitat Identification and Protection in the Presence of Emerging Threats and Transformative Change
  18. Where is whale watching going in existing and future MPA?
  19. Sustainable financing of MMPA: Tackling Inter-related environmental threats with a mix of strategic funding initiatives
  20. IUCN MMPA Task Force Regional Groups First Informal Summit

Further information are available here.