70th Anniversary of IUCN

On 22 May 2018, the Swedish National Committee of the IUCN celebrated the organisation’s 70th anniversary with a gathering at one of the royal castles in Stockholm, Ulriksdals Castle. His Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip of Sweden made a speech as well as the Swedish minister of environment Karolina Skog, and all Swedish Member organisations made pledges for the future. CCB made the following commitments:

  • Work to protect and improve the Baltic Sea environment through implementation of the SDG targets, the HELCOM BSAP and relevant EU legislation
  • Support the development of ecosystem based fisheries and a new vision for Baltic Sea fisheries
  • Work to implement actions for threatened species such as salmon, eel and harbour porpoise, disseminate information about them and spread best practice and experiences about management of protected areas
  • Secure the participation of civil society in Baltic Sea environmental work through capacity building and dissemination of information
  • Follow large infrastructure projects and ensure that they do not threaten the Baltic Sea environment

The CCB sculpture “Porpoise with a purpose” was present at the event, and drew the eyes of the crowd, including the Prince.