8th Meeting of the Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment Area (HELCOM PRESSURE 8-2018)

PRESSURE 8-2018 was the first meeting of this group after the adoption of the 2018 HELCOM Ministerial Declaration.

In the light of renewed HELCOM commitments, the Meeting discussed the ways of their implementation, as well as enhancing the implementation of the Baltic Sea Action Plan.

The Meeting also discussed the remaining products of the PLC-6 project with an accent on pollution of the Baltic Sea by hazardous substances and the effectiveness of measures to prevent pollution of the marine environment, including elimination of HELCOM Hot Spots.

The agenda of the Meeting included follow-up of the progress in implementation of the HELCOM Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter, the roadmap on underwater noise, and the use of the data on various environmental pressures on the marine environment in HOLAS II, etc.

The following issue of relevance for CCB work were inter alia presented

CCB’s inputs to the Meeting comprised of two documents:

All meeting documents including the outcomes are available here