Webinar – Baltic Breakfast on advanced wastewater treatment

On the 16 April at 9:00 – 9:45 (CEST) will be the first Baltic Breakfast of 2021 with the Consulate General of Sweden in Saint Petersburg and the Baltic Sea Center (Stockholm university).
The event will focus on challenges in and around the Baltic Sea and especially on advanced wastewater treatment in order to reduce the amount of chemical pollutants reaching the sea. Ms Emma Undeman, environmental chemist and researcher at the Baltic Sea Centre, will present current research about the topic and Olga Rublevskaya, from the large wastewater treatment plant Vodokanal in St Petersburg will focus on existing technology and how Vodokanal plans its work ahead.

You can see the webinar in English here.

To follow the webinar in two languages, with simultaneous translation between English and Russian, please register here before the event.
The webinar will start at 10 a.m. Moscow time. (09 am CET)

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