Baltic Breakfast Russia – Impact on the Baltic Sea by climate change

On 21 May 2021 was the Baltic Breakfast Russia. This event was about climate change and how it affects the Baltic Sea in general and the Eastern Gulf of Finland in particular.Associate Professor Tatiana Eremina, Russian State Hydrometeorological University, and Professor Alf Norkko, University of Helsinki,, presented recent research on the topic.

Date: 21 May, 2021, 9:00-9:45 Local time in Sweden (CEST), 10:00-10:45 Moscow time

Climate change is already happening. The summer of 2018 was extremely warm which affected not only agriculture and fresh water supplies but also the Baltic Sea. Water temperatures at the coast was the highest since 1926. The heatwave lead to increased release of carbon dioxide and methane from the sea floor sediments to an extent comparable to hot spots of methane release in Siberia. In the long-term release from the bottom of the sea will impact climate change. Increased temperature also affects the coastal ecosystems. The richest marine biodiversity is found at the coast, providing key ecosystem services for humans, which are challenged by climate change.

Professor Christoph Humborg, Scientific Director of Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre, talked about what research can tell us about the impact of climate change on the Baltic Sea. How is the sea’s salinity and temperature affected? Will increased precipitation on land lead to more nutrient run off entering the sea and giving more eutrophication? How will this affect biodiversity?

Associate Professor Tatiana Eremina, Director of the Institute of Hydrology and Oceanology at the Russian State Hydrometeorological University, is the leading author of the regular assessment reports on climate change for the Russian Meteorological Service. She presented the current data from the research on the Eastern Gulf of Finland and its ecosystem.

Dziyana Katselkina, CCB’s Program Manager took part in the event.

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What are the Baltic breakfast?

Baltic Breakfast is a series of short breakfast webinars organised by the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre. Their aim is to present the latest knowledge about issues of central importance to the Baltic Sea environment. The breakfast webinars are addressed to people in different sectors working for a sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region and everyone interested in environmental issues of the Baltic Sea.