Baltic Solutions for Plastic Pollution

IUCN and CCB, with the support of the Swedish Postcode Foundation, started a project in the Baltic region. The project that started in February 2017, with a planned duration of two years, is being carried out by IUCN in partnership with leading regional experts, members of academia, research institutes and grassroots organizations. Through desk and field research and laboratory experiments, IUCN and partners are engaged to demonstrate the impacts of plastic pollution in the Baltic region on ecosystems, biodiversity, food safety and climate change and to address three driving questions:

  1. How much and what type of plastics do Baltic countries load in the Baltic Sea annually?
  2. Does plastic pollution enhance climate change by impacting sea ice formation and melting?
  3. Does plastic negatively impact food sources and endangers species in the Baltic Sea?

To continue shaping our project, both organizations hosted on 8 October, 2018 a workshop in Riga, Latvia. Please find here a general invitation, agenda and the list of participants of the workshop.

Presentations of the workshop are available here (to be updated):