BBNPP MEL Workshop

Participatory Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning workshop took place in St. Petersburg during  27-30 November 2018

The main aim of the Participatory MEL workshop was to strengthen and reinforce implementers´ capacity and ownership of programme results; both local partner organizations and programme staff in WWF Russia (WWF-Ru) and Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB). This was achieved by introducing (for local partners) and deepening (for BBNPP programme staff) knowledge and experience of participatory, human rights-based and gender sensitive qualitative and quantitative techniques for data collection, with a focus on behavioural change assessment tools. This hade two main objectives; one was purely capacity building around the use of participatory methods. The other one (fieldwork) was to collect data in real time and be able to analyse the results collectively during the conference (Real-Time MEL). Since the programme is in its final year this activity acted both as review of the progress so far and preliminary evaluation of emerging Outcomes and Impact.

The second goal was to make a collective and participatory review of the BBNPP to date. A multi-stakeholder setting provided an ideal arena for different actor to interact and share progress of the Programme. Apart from the above mentioned goals, this workshop was also important for all actors involved to build relationships among each other. The relational aspect in fact will be essential after the end of the programme to guarantee and support sustainability.

The presentation made by Giulio Ghirardo and Daniel Guijarro during workshop.