Belarus Water Programme Evaluation and Monitoring Meeting

Belarus Programme partners gathered for evaluation and monitoring meeting  

The final meeting under the NGO Programme for Strengthening Civil Society Engagement in Water Strategies in Belarus was held in Kolodischi, Minsk, on 5-6 November. Programme partners met an external evaluator and discussed about achievements and opportunities within the SDGs framework for future activities within the Programme.

During the introductory part of the meeting the participants shared their expectations. The focus of the meeting was on result based management (RBM), identification of changes and impacts, what was done through a group work on ranging the most significant achievements on the Programme level.

The meeting started with the Presentation of the summary of evaluation results by Arne Grove.

After it, all the participants were split into groups according to SDGs they were focused on in their activities and were asked to draw a timeline with 3 milestones: baseline, what they aim to achieve in 2021 and what they aim to reach in a long perspective (10 years).

The day after started with a video about salmon activities in Belarus. The participants showed interest to get more information about other CCB’s activities. Maria Basova made a presentation about the Barents and Baltic People and Nature Programme and its achievements in Russia, implemented by other CCBs partners. It was an important opportunity to learn from similar activities and challenges and to start planning future joint actions.

In the following session Mikhail Durkin presented CCB activities in other regions, showing an overview of Baltic Sea actions within CCB network and updates on the current work and future activities.

The meeting ended with a presentation about the RBM framework and discussion about the monitoring and existing instruments with perspectives to be deepened during the next project period.

Here is the Agenda of the meeting.

Photo credit: Vladimir Zuev (Nerush).