BSAC workshop Session 1, Future Common Fisheries Policy

The BSAC is in the process of discussing  the Future of the Common Fisheries Policy with the aim of providing input to the Commission, which will report on the functioning of the CFP by the end of 2022
This work began already in 2020 and it was agreed to continue in three focused sessions.

This first session was online the 19 January 2021. The aim was to deal with how to improve the living conditions for fish and address ecosystem based management

The event was from 10.00 -15.00 CET and has been led by the chair of the Ecosystem Based Working Group, Nils Höglund, CCB’s Fisheries Policy Officer.

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What is the BSAC?

The Baltic Sea Advisory Council (BSAC) was set up in March 2006 after a decision by the EU to create so-called Regional Advisory Councils in the fisheries sector (Council Decision 2004/585/EC). The main aim of the BSAC is to prepare and provide advice on the management of Baltic Sea fisheries in order to achieve a successful running of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy. To know more about it.