CCB Board Meeting, Annual Conference and Extr. General Meeting

The CCB Board Meeting (16-17/05), Annual Conference (18/05) and Extraordinary General Meeting (19/05) were held in Baltezers, Latvia, at Baltvilla Hotel.

The Board Meeting addressed important issues, including the approval of:

The theme of CCB’s Annual Conference 2019 was “Towards a new plan, for CCB and the Baltic Sea“.
In the first part, there were group discussions and presentations on the project proposals for 2020-2021 of CCB Working Areas: Water Protection in Agriculture, River Basin and Wastewater Management, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation, Hazardous Substances and Marine Litter, Harmful Installations and Maritime Transport, Sustainable Development in Coastal and Marine Areas.

Moreover, some participants from the transboundary Daugava river rafting/kayaking expedition, which took place on 14-17 May, shared their experience and showed some pictures.

In the second part, participants were guided by two external consultants from Presencing Institute through the process of “looking inwards” into the values of the coalition and reinvigorate the “soul of the coalition”. Agenda of the day consisted of:

  • Introduction and lecture about systems thinking, divides we see in world, Theory U

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Presentation from Julie Arts, PI
– Executive summary (in different languages):
– Tools:

  • Quality of Listening & Dialogue + Exercise: dialogue walk
  • 3-D Sculpting: sculpt current reality of what the coalition looks like today and imagining desired optimal future and identification of actions
  • Prototyping Cafe: moving into joint action around topics/initiatives that want to be discussed further (coming out of 3-D sculpting)

During the General Meeting, the CCB Board accepted two new member organizations, SOFIA (Sweden) and Center for Environmental Solutions – CES (Belarus), and elected the new Board Member from Russia and the new Alternate from Sweden.

CCB´s events ended with a guided tour at Kemeri National Park.

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