CCB webinar “Climate change and the Baltic Sea catchment”

Where do we stand in the Baltic Sea Region on climate change mitigation and adaptation? What are the relationships among our climate and other issues already facing the Baltic, including biodiversity, eutrophication, and hazardous substances? How does this impact you, in your life, or your work, or your local environment? What are our shared hopes and aspirations for unified work on climate mitigation and adaptation across the Baltic Sea Region?

Beginning now, Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB) is integrating climate awareness into all topical areas. CCB wants to know how you see this most pervasive global challenge, and what we can do to support transnational unity in our awareness and response. We want to take the climate issue into the water/marine issues already alive in our backyard, starting with biodiversity, eutrophication, and hazardous substances.

This webinar aimed to share, reflect upon, consolidate, and learn from our collective experience. At the same time, we are looking for those threads most relevant to pursue in campaign work for the next two years, those low-hanging fruits that can inspire us to stay connected and keep working in meaningful ways to contribute to regional climate mitigation and adaptation.


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The webinar was held in English.

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