CCB Online General Meeting

The CCB General Meeting has been held online (via Zoom) on 5th June 2020. The meeting started at 10:00 CET and has been finalized around 16:00 CET. The lunch break was scheduled for 13:00-14:00 CET, while coffee-breaks has been arranged as needed.

The Zoom link was provided in due time.
The following instructions and a short visual guide for the General Meeting:
Zoom meetings_Visual guide
Zoom meeting instructions

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Provisional Agenda
Power of attorney template 2020
CCB Biannual Plan of Action 2020-2021 approved by the GM

7. The reports of the Auditor for the two last financial years

8. Adoption of the reports and the financial accounts for the two last financial years and discharging from liabilities of the Board
– Agenda_Item_8_1_Annual_Accounts_2018
– Agenda_Item_8_2_Annual_Accounts_2019
Agenda_Item_8_2_1_Annual Accounts 2019_verified
– Agenda Item 8_3 CCB Annual Report 2018
– Agenda Item 8_3 CCB Annual Activities Report 2019
– Agenda Item 8_3 Water Programme in Belarus Report 2019-2020
– Agenda Itema 8_3 Report on Barents Baltic Nature and People Programme (Baltic component) 2016-2019. The Report is available at the following link

Agenda_Item_12_Amendments to the Constitution of the Association
– Agenda Item 13_3 Draft_Resolution_No.3-2020
Agenda Item 16_CCB Elections – nominations