CCB Workshop on organizational development

On Friday, 6 November, an online workshop on organizational development will be arranged for the Secretariat´s staff and all Board Members and Alternates.
When: Friday, 06 November 2020, 09.00-17.00 CET (10.00-18.00 EET)
Who: Board Members and Alternates, Working Area Leaders, Secretariat
Why: 30 years is the right age to Re-think, Re-vitalise, Re-unite and Re-coalition

Within the last three years we have started reflecting on how our Coalition has been growing through, rising and falling, learning to walk and talk, fighting and getting bruises, gaining and losing partners, laughing and crying, becoming mature together.

The 6th of November and the work leading up to it will be a starting point for a longer term development process. The workshop that day will aim at reaching the following goals:

  • Developing a deepened understanding of each other’s perspectives in CCB
  • Jointly explore our current state and initiate what Future CCB could look like and what are our commitments (personal and as a CCB community to reach it)
  • Create shared commitment and ideate design of next steps

This process will be guided by Naima Clevenhag and Pontus Holmgren, Gro ( and Vidar Vetterfalk, MÄN.

If you have any practical questions regarding your attendance to this process, please contact