HELCOM PanBaltic Scope EFH WS 2018

The Workshop will start on Wednesday 12 December at 12:30 and end on Thursday 13 December at 14:00. The Workshop is arranged in connection to a PanBaltic Scope Workshop on Green
Infrastructure, with shared opening and closing sessions.

The workshop is open to nominated experts from Contracting Parties, partners of the PanBaltic Scope project, and invited experts on Baltic Sea essential fish habitats, as by information to
lena.bergstrom@helcom.fi by 20 November 2018 at the latest.

Workshop participants will be expected to provide initial evaluations on the proposals in advance of the workshop, as will be explained further in Background documents to be provided. Those Workshop participants that wish to provide contributions in relation to the programme are kindly requested to contact lena.bergstrom@helcom.fi at the latest by 4 December 2018.

Provisional agenda and related documents are available here.