HYDROPOWER EUROPE was holding an online Roundtable Event on 19 January 2021, from 9.00 to 12.00, gathering representatives from prominent Non-Governmental Organisations from across Europe.
During the event representatives were invited to share their expertise and experience on environmental and socioeconomic challenges related to hydropower in their respective countries and regions.

Baltics representatives, including Poland of CCB and Polish Academy of Science: Roman Żurek and Ewa Leś participated in European Hydropower Roundtable. Although the event cannot be fully considered as a ’roundtable’, rather NGOs and organizers meeting, strong voice of NGOs saying NO to hydropower was present. This event made up some questions, at what point do we meet again? With being still facing walls, when will a real roundtable talks will appear?

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Picture: “Dry riverbed – effect of hydro energy power plants” from the presentation of Lennart Gladh at 1st River University