Inception Workshop, Barents Baltic Nature and People Programme

Inception Workshop on the BBNP Programme  

Place: Russia, Moscow, 19 Nikoloyamskaya str.,  WWF RU office

Date: 16-18 March 2016

Purpose of the workshop: To get  acquainted with the Programme team and Programme partners, to present  different parts of the Programme, to understand  the purpose of the Programme, result chain, reports, and deliverables, to develop an action plan.

Presenters: Victoria Elias, Conservation director WWF RU; Joacim Skagerfält, Resource person, facilitator of Sida contacts, Manager Public Sector Partnerships, WWF SE; Tanja Ehrenberg, Programme manager, WWF SE; Mikhail Durkin, Programme director, CCB; Oleg Sutkaitis, leader Outcome 1, Barents regional office leader; Denis Dobrynin, co-leader Outcome 1, Acting head of Archangelsk office; Margarita Puhova, co-leader Otcome 2, Marine Biodiversity projects coordinator Barents office; Konstantin Zgurovsky, co-leader Outcome 2, Head of Sustainable Fishery Programme WWF RU; Vadim Krasnopolsky, leader Outcome 3, Oil and gas projects coordinator Barents  Office; Oksana Lipka, Monitoring& evaluation officer, Coordinator Climate and Energy Programmeme; Larisa Bilous, Project manager, Barents office; Dmitry Burenko, Director of Development, WWF RU.

Facilitators: Tanja Ehrenberg, Programme manager, WWF SE; Larisa Bilous, Project manager, WWF RU; Maria Basova, Programme manager, CCB.

The summary and Agenda of the workshop.