International Conference on Progress in Marine Conservation

On 3-7 September 2018, the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, BfN, arranged the 5th edition of the International Conference on Progress in Marine Conservation. For 2018 the focus was widened from originally looking into “progress in marine conservation in Europe” to such progress on a global dimension. The reason behind the slight change of concept is the 25-th “anniversary” of the “Rio-Conference”, the “EU Habitats Directive “, the new “Helsinki-Convention”, the “Oslo-Paris-Convention” and lastly (and certainly least) also the establishment of the “Division on Marine Nature Conservation” of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation on the Isle of Vilm, Germany.

CCB Biodiversity and Nature Conservation officer Ida Carlén was one of the invited speakers at the conference, talking about the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise, threats to its survival and new knowledge which could help us save it. You can find her presentation here.